Character Analysis: Cyrano De Bergerac

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What is the first thing many people see when first meeting someone? Their eyes or their smile, this is not the case for Cyrano de Bergerac. His nose is his most noticeable feature. Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmund Rostand is a play written about a 1600 century France musketeer, an all but perfect musketeer Cyrano de Bergerac. Though, he has one flaw, his abnormally large nose. While others may say it’s a source of pride, Cyrano’s enormous nose is not only the cause of his lack of confidence, but also his lack of love, and his exponentially growing list of enemies. Cyrano might come across as arrogant, cocky, and confident while around others; though, in reality he is extremely self-conscious of his nose. In the first act Cyrano accuses the meddler…show more content…
While, talking to the Meddler Cyrano says that a large nose is a sign of affability, kindness, courtesy, wit, generosity, and courage. Due to this statement people believe Cyrano was indeed proud of his nose. On the other hand, Cyrano’s nose and quick words cause him to make a fair number of enemies wherever he goes. Cyrano in act one alone created two unnecessary enemies just in the theatre one night. Then, he fought off one hundred armed assailants trying to kill one of few friends. One, of the men Cyrano argued with at the theatre was a follower of a very powerful man De Guiche. De Guiche later speaks to Cyrano after his big battle. The two start the conversation in complements and end in insults. Later in the day, Le Bret meets Cyrano in a tavern and asks his a question “why have everyone against you” (Rostand 92)? Le Bret wonders why Cyrano feels the need to create enemies. His response is that he wishes to stand by himself to prove that even with a nose like his it does not make hi, any less a man.
All things considered, Cyrano de Bergerac’s nose causes him many hardships and problems though; there are those who believe his takes pride in it. He suffers through self-esteem issues as well as a depressed view of a love life, and a rapid list of enemies ready to beat him down.. So what is flaw many believe stands out against all other feature and not in the god way? There is no more true statement than do not judge a book by its

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