Devil Wears Prad Movie Analysis

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In today’s day and age, everyone wants to have their dream job and so they work extremely hard to make it to the top. However, people are not always sure the impact that their dream jobs can have on their personal lives. The movie Devil Wears Prada is a movie that showcases what happens to a young woman when she decides to join the fashion brand Runway as the assistant of Miranda Priestly, the editor in chief of the Runway magazine. In the movie, the young woman, Andy, is often faced with difficult decisions on whether or not she should go to fashion meeting with her boss Miranda or enjoy time with her friends and boyfriend. Throughout the movie, Andy struggles to further her career while maintaining her personal life. Three career choices that she made that impacted her social life were when she left her friends suddenly at the…show more content…
Her starting to wear new clothes is a very significant change in her social life as it shows that her personality has changed drastically ever since she got her new job. Before she got a job in the fashion industry, she used to wear seemingly traditional clothes. However, her boss Miranda basically bullied her into wearing clothes that were considered to be in fashion. The mental change in Andy was evident when she started to talk more about clothes to her boyfriend. I believe that she did not care as much about clothes before she got her job as someone who does not wear extravagant clothing tends to usually not talk a lot about clothes. Andy’s choice of her career impacted her social life drastically has she almost feels lonely in front of her friends as none of them have any interest in or want to talk about clothes. All in all, another instance where Andy’s career choice impacted her social life was when she started wearing new clothes and started talking about clothes

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