Character Analysis: Doctor Lucie Manette

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Character Analysis (Volume 1, Chapter 6)
Doctor Alexandre Manette: In this chapter Dr. Manette is crazy, really crazy he believes that he is still in prison and doesn’t really remember much from his past life. It is as if they have resettled completely all of his knowledge. He keeps on through the whole chapter as we could say “nuts” until he sees his daughter Lucie who brings him some memories.

Lucie Manette: Lucie acts in this chapter as the passage in between Dr. Manette´s time on prison and reality. She with her beauty and kindness brings his dad back for few moments and helps him get over his problems through out this chapter.

Mr. Jarvis Lorry: In this chapter Lorry is the one who brings Dr. Manette back from prison. He was sent from the bank to go get him and to inform Lucie. He also asked some questions to Dr. Manette to see if he remembers anything from his past life.

Ernest Defarge: In this chapter Defarge gives asylum to all the other characters. He does this “gladly” but people wouldn’t really trust him. He acts as the host.

Character Analysis (Volume 2, Chapter 1)
Jerry Cruncher: A father and husband who works in Tellson bank. He also is upset with his wife.

Mrs. Cruncher: Jerry´s wife who prays a lot and discomforts Jerry.

Jerry Jr.: He is a kid who is excited to go to work with his father. They look very alike

Character Analysis (Volume 2, Chapter 2)
Jerry Cruncher: He is a worker for Tellson bank and had a son who he took to work with him. Both of them

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