Character Analysis: Don 'T Call Me Ishmael'

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Don’t call me Ishmael!
Self-esteem and self-image is a common issue that our teenagers suffer from. ‘Don’t call me Ishmael’ written by Michael Gerard Baver is about a a boy named Ishmael Leseur. He has low self-esteem and low self-image, as Ishmael said on page ‘5’ “In fact, if brains were cars, prue would be a Rolls Royce while I would be a Goggomobil up on blocks with half it’s engine missing.” This shows that Ishmael compares himself with his sister “Prue” which he shouldn’t do. He should compare himself with his own qualities, values and beliefs
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The plot structure in this novel is sequence of important events in chronological order. Ishmael has low self-image and low self-esteem and it gets worse as the bullying continues and the debating commences. After the debating events conclud Ishmael’s self-image and self-esteem has risen conserdeberly. First of all the problem was his name then it was bullying then it was debating. He hates his name Ishamel, ‘A WUSSY-CRAP NAME, (Page 17’); He gets bullied at school by Barry Bagsley who said “He’s lying, Miss. It’s Le-sewer. …show more content…

What kind of a wussy-crap name is that?”; Ishmael, the main character is presented as a low self-esteem and low self-image teenager, “well, I’ll tell you. Like the only person ever rejected for the job of village idiot.”(page 5). James scobie is portrayed by the author as a brave, neat young man that can use the power of language to the fullest. “The lines left by the comb’s teeth were as clear as shoe prints on the moon.”(page 55) The author has used this quote to shower that James scobie is a nerd.(“When”-“Assault” 67-68 Pages). Ms tarango is described as a kind, friendly, beautiful, “bubbly” teacher which uses the power of language like guns. “It”-“term” (page 22). The author uses different languages to describe and present different people. He has also used language to show different

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