Character Analysis Duval

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Other Characters On p. 224, after killing an enemy on the battlefront, Paul holds out in a shell hole with the body, waiting for the bombardment to be over. Paul decides to go through his belongings to find a way to communicate to the dead enemy’s family to make up for their loss. The passage states, “There are portraits of a woman and a little girl, small amateur photographs taken against an ivy-clad wall. Along with them are letters… each word I translate pierces me like a shot in the chest;-- like a stab in the chest.” Later, the man’s name is revealed to be Gerard Duval. What motif does Duval demonstrate? How can you tell? What can you tell about Duval based on prior reading? Is he good or bad? Based on the reading, Duval is a compositor…show more content…
91, after several games, Paul and Kat are famished and think about what to eat. In the passage it says, “When we break it up Kat says to me: ‘What do you say to some roast goose?’ ‘Not bad,’ I agree… The shed belongs to a regimental headquarters. I agree to get the goose and receive my instructions.” This scene demonstrates Paul’s capability to steal and willingness to break the rules, without the consideration of others. Does this change your connation of Paul? How? Would you have done the same, considering the consequences of your actions? Why? Truthfully, this doesn’t change my connotation of Paul one bit. As they say, “A man has got to do what a man has got to do.” Considering how poorly fed and malnourished the soldiers are, Kat and Paul had to resort to stealing to receive the nutrients they required to endure the tiresome war. Some may argue that this was out of pure greed and selfishness, but one has to consider that the soldiers endure Hell and back, if they make it back, and all they ask is for is a decent meal. Is that still selfish? So yes, if I were in Paul’s position, I would think about my well being, and myself understanding the pain and suffering I experience on a daily…show more content…
120, Paul describes how the war changed his perspective on life, saying, “And even if these scenes of our youth were given back to us we would hardly know what to do… But it would be like gazing at the photograph of a dead comrade; those are his features, it is his face, and the days we spent together take on a mournful life in the memory, but the man himself it is not.” In the point of view of the reader, what does Paul display about war? Based on the text what can you tell about his personality? Based on my understanding, Paul shows that there is no winner to war. Alive or dead, the soul suffers. Whether it’s physical or emotional pain, soldiers are bound to suffer. Unfortunately that is the costly price of war. According to Paul’s soft words, underneath all that muscle and bravery is a weak sensitive soul looking to escape the horrors of reality. Despite all the gruesome events that happened to him, Paul has always stayed true to himself. He’s nothing but an innocent civilian brainwashed and put in the face of
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