Character Analysis Essay: A Hero's Journey

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The human race is drawn to people who have sparks for adventure or a want to save the world on a whim. We are always subconsciously looking for a new hero to save the world. Possibly even looking to ourselves, no matter how inferior we first believe to be. Courage is the most important quality for a hero to have. The Heroic Code guidelines to be a hero are as follows: loyalty, reputation, and courage. Your loyalty to a person or group is significant, but loyalty can’t save the people you love. Reputation has nothing to do with becoming or being a hero. In Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, most heroes have a modest beginning to their quest. It is not hard to find examples of courage in the modern world, all you have to do is turn on the TV.
In the ABC drama, Once Upon A Time, having courage is a long running trend between the five seasons. Emma was separated at birth from her parents, Snow White and Prince Charming, where she was sent to our world, a land without magic. The Evil Queen cast an evil curse that brought everyone from the Enchanted Forest to a quiet town called
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In the Enchanted Forest, death threats, thievery, and magic are just the beginning of Snow White and Prince Charming’s love story. In the pilot episode, Snow White eats the poisoned apple and Prince Charming comes to her aid. He wakes her with a kiss during a light snowfall and the curse is abolished. In that first scene Prince Charming says the five words that resonate throughout the entire run of the show: “I will always find you.” Those five words are what the show is based on. They throw caution to the wind every time one or both of them face peril. Their courageous acts show how strong love can be. The Heroic Code defines a hero, and most fairytale characters are heroes, especially the ones from this television series. The characters define courage to their mantra, to always find one another because they put faith in their love and that it will save the
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