Character Analysis Essay On Call Of The Wild

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Growing up, it takes a lot to grow up. It may take a very long time or a short time to realize how bad the real world is. It could be small but many problems that help you grow up, or one very big issue that matures you. As long as you overcome something Throughout the story Call of the Wild, Buck has faced many challenges on his way to persevering. Buck was taken from an ordinary and peaceful life with his family, then thrown into a new world, everything in it was hectic and chaos happened almost every moment. Buck has been controlled throughout the story, like when he was Hal, Charles and mercedes. They mistreated Buck, they beat Buck for trying to rest. They overfed Buck and the team when all they needed was rest. Buck was trying to help himself in any way he could. He took a beating just to help his own life. Overall Buck persevered a lot throughout Call of the Wild,…show more content…
They had to go through their own problems throughout their own stories. Buck was killing other dogs to gain his leadership. My mum wasn’t killing anyone and hasn't killed anyone, she worked her way through things. My mum had a family he had to keep happy and fed, Buck never had a family he had to make money for and give food to. Their differences are very different, they had to do completely opposite issues. In summary, there might be different challenges in life, but all you have to do is face them, overcome them, and learn.

As you can see, times can be rough. But no matter what happens next you have to keep fighting and never give up. My mum and Buck both had their hard times, they fought through them and kept moving forward. While Buck had different challenges throughout Call of the Wild, my mum also had faced many challenges. All in all, I’m proud of my mum because she stuck through her job, her school and stuck with her family. She put in hard work to show her family that she loved them and did everything in her power to care for
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