The Glass Menagerie Character Analysis Essay

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Character Analysis Essay “The Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams, is a memory play. The play is narrated as if it is the memory of the character Tom. Therefore, many aspects of the story may be exaggerated depending on how Williams remembers them, and how he wishes to portray them. Many of the events in the play are seldom depicted the way they are, to help build a certain character by exaggerating his or her traits. The characters who are crucial to the play and are intricately built are Tom, Amanda, and Laura. Tom, the main character who the play revolves around, is a quick tempered rebellious character, which will not allow anything to stand in between him and adventure. Tom constantly believes that he does not belong where he is and can achieve satisfaction through hard work and sacrifice. Amanda,…show more content…
He puts down his imaginary utensils and refuses to continue eating and begins an argument with his mother. A regular individual may be displeased at constantly being instructed on most of the events of his or daily life. However, a regular individual would most likely continue to indulge in his or her food and try to ignore whatever it may be that is vexing him or her. Thus, Tom’s actions were caused by his quick rage which is commented on by his mother saying “Temperament like a metropolitan star”. Another time Tom’s rage is evident is in scene 3. The scene begins with a heated argument between Tom and his mother Amanda, mainly based on Tom’s rage at the fact that his mother had returned his book to the library. The argument leads into Tom insulting his mother by calling her a witch. Then ends when Tom is basically throwing a fit trying to leave the house and throws his coat back in, knocking Laura’s glass menagerie collection and shattering some of the glass! The entire scene depicts Tom’s furious rage aimed at his mother for many reasons that would not cause such an up rise in a regular individual. The confiscation of a position though
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