Character Analysis Essay On The Great Gatsby

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Being in such an extreme or notable degree, is how defines greatness. In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s, The Great Gatsby, Daisy Buchanan captivates James Gatz who is better known as Jay Gatsby. Gatsby, who has been poor all his life, strikes it big and decides to move across the bay from the Buchanan residence. Daisy and Jay Gatsby had a relationship in the past and now Gatsby is willing to do what ever it takes to win Daisy over, despite her already being married. Every night Gatsby throws an extravagant party at his mansion in the hopes that Daisy will wander over. After noticing that Daisy’s cousin lives right next door, Gatsby asks for his neighbor, Nick Carraway, to have Mrs. Buchanan over for tea. As Nick and Daisy commence their gathering for tea, Gatsby stops by Nick’s residence and tries to act suave to impress Daisy. Not everything goes the way Jay Gatsby has planned. In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s, The Great Gatsby, James Gatz is not great for the reasons that he is a liar, a stalker and tries to ruin Daisy’s marriage to Tom Buchanan. Jay Gatsby is not a great character, because he has been stalking his past love to ultimately make the decision to move to West Egg. Gatsby and Daisy had a relationship five years in the past, and Gatsby has not forgotten his lost love. He purchases the mansion right…show more content…
Nick then proceeds to ask where exactly Gatsby resided as a child, to which his response is, San Francisco, which is on the west coast of the country. Gatsby is also untruthful about how he acquired his money. In a conversation with Nick, Gatsby claims, “My family all died and I came into a great deal of money” (Fitzgerald 70). Gatsby is telling Nick how his family has always been rich and he inherited everything when they all died. However, the reader will later learn that Gatsby gets his money through his illegal activities with Meyer
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