Revenge In Euripides 'Play Medea'

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Named after the protagonist, Euripides play ‘Medea’ brings out the sufferings of a lonely wife, seeking revenge from her husband after he betrays her. To some extent, Medea’s actions towards her husband are reasonable. Despite Medea’s love for her children, she slays them both to return the same feeling of loss towards Jason after he betrays her. Her actions were understandable since Jason only wanted his children for power. However, Medea also ends up proving that her husband was right because her actions were indeed barbarous. Even though Medea’s aim was to take revenge on Jason, she took that extra step and killed her innocent children, implying to readers that her actions were far from justifiable. Despite Jason’s hurtful doings towards…show more content…
What hurts Medea the most is that she ‘never did him wrong’ and that fact that Jason ‘[fell] in love with … royalty and power’ Despite everything Medea had done for Jason, he chose to turn his back on her, and go marry a royal princess. This causes Medea’s to feel a great deal of grief and sorrow, which then later pushes her to kill Creon and his daughter to reverse the feelings to make sure her husband also suffers for having done this to her. Even though Jason tries to win over Medea with vague promises for herself and the future for their children, Medea cannot accept that Jason has betrayed her and weeps as she says ‘I betrayed my own father, my own family to come here with you… and you have betrayed me…’ This indicates that Medea is experiencing both hatred and regret. She feels guilty because of the things she did to her own family and regrets choosing a disloyal man over her family. Medea sees herself as ‘foreign’ and powerless to stop Jason and therefore does whatever it takes to stop him and in her mind, justifies her
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