Character Analysis: Farah Ahmedi's Grapes Of Wrath

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Bailey wanted to find the meaning of life and where he belongs. Farah Ahmedi needed to save her life by getting to the other side of the border. She needed to find a way to get to Pakistan and survive. Aengus spent his life searching for his true love. However all of the three are determined to search for love and happiness. Bailey wanted to have a family and find out where he should be. According to the text, “Somewhere in the world there were kind hands and gentle voices. My job was to find them.” (W. Bruce Cameron page 18) Bailey didn’t have a home when he was born and he got lost looking for one. A family took him into their home and he learned so much about love over the years. Bailey lived with a boy, Ethan and they played everyday. Bailey was always getting in trouble but learns more about rights and wrongs. In the end, he learns to love and care for his family. Bailey would do anything for them and is happy to do so. Farah Ahmedi is a strong minded girl that is fighting for a way to get passed the border into Pakistan. Her and her mother have a struggling life and are trying to do whatever they can to survive. If they don’t get past the border they have nowhere to go. Based on what I read, “”I felt desperate to get through, because the sun was setting, and if we…show more content…
One day he was out in the woods fishing. He caught a trout and suddenly it turned into a girl. She had called his name and then ran away. He knew that he was destined to find her. From then on he decided to spend the rest of his life looking for her. According to the text, “I will find out where she has gone”(W.B. Yeats paragraph 3) He was going to do whatever he could to find the glimmering girl and kiss her. Based on what I read, “And I will kiss her and take her hands”(W.B. Yeats paragraph 3). In the text he knows that he is old and wandering but he wants to find love and be

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