Character Analysis: Farenheit 451

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Society Changes People Society can change people positively or negatively. In the novel, Farenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury, Mildred is the wife of the main character, Guy Montag. First, we realize that Mildred is self-centered because she only thinks about her own benefits. She does not care about anyone but her fake family. She is so out of control that she doesn’t even take care of her own self at times. When Montag was sick, she didn’t sincerely care. He asked her for help by ringing him some medicine and turning down the parlor, but that was the point she cared for them more than him, so she did not turn them down. She is only with society and does not want to change by any means. She doesn’t even realize how to be different from everyone…show more content…
She just loves to be like everyone else and doesn’t believe in anything different, such as, change. She acts as if the people acting on their walls is her family. Well, they are just technology with no real feelings towards her. She also acts as if she was offended to turn them down when asked. Mildred is always keeping up with them and watching every episode in the parlor. She doesn’t seem to care about much of anything else either. The last reason reason is that Mildred is one with the world and always follows society. The fact that on page forty-eight in our book mentioned that she had said Montag isn’t sick could say a lot about how she is uncaring. Mildred didn’t believe that Montag was really sick. While he was sitting in the bed, he had asked her to go in the parlor and turn down the people. The fact that she did not do it says a lot. It states a great example of how she doesn’t care about anything but them, which is evidence that she does not care if he is sick, nor does she believe it. In the end, you can see that society has made Mildred self-centered and unfeeling. It also makes everything seem like a misunderstanding. It also keeps us open-minded to when we think about how Ray Bradbury wrote this story, he actually got some of it right even in today’s time
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