Character Analysis: Fever 1793

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Literary essay: Fever 1793
The historical fiction book Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson takes place while yellow fever is invading Philadelphia in 1793 and commences widespread panic. Mattie Cook is a girl who lives with her mother and grandfather in a coffeehouse. Her life drastically changes as yellow fever takes over and infects her mother and the people she loves. She faces many obstacles during the cataclysm. By using character development and dialogue Laurie Halse Anderson creates a lesson that difficult times can make someone a better person.
Because Mattie is in an unfortunate situation without her mother or grandfather to take care of her she has to adapt and become responsible. For example, when Mattie’s grandfather dies, she
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Mattie shows a great deal of character development throughout the story. The quote “Never knew you to look for extra work. Come along then” by Eliza shows how Mattie grows from a girl that tries to do minimal work to trying to help as much as she can(196). She also shows this when Eliza gives her a full serving of food and she puts most of it back so the children could eat. This additionally shows she is becoming considerate and kindhearted. In addition to character development the dialogue equally presents how Mattie matures. Anderson writes, “I am one of the owners. What can I do for you?”(226). Mattie is becoming more responsible and takes charge. She knows she will have to do a lot of work to get the coffee shop running again, but still does it. Also she has a job for the rest of her life and will take care of the shop. Character development along with dialogue shows how mattie adapts and becomes additionally responsible, furthermore it transmits the story’s lesson. Laurie Halse Anderson uses character development and dialogue in Yellow Fever 1793 to create a lesson that difficult times can make someone a better person. Mattie becomes a better person and more conscientious after her experience with yellow fever. Before the epidemic she was very irresponsible and unhelpful, but she realized that she would not survive without a lot of effort. The experiences Mattie has shows that anyone can change from an event whether it is enjoyable or
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