Character Analysis: Finding Nemo And Pinochio

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wafic Dabbous
Throughout their development, children are influenced by numerous experiences. As they are growing, their growth will include both physical and emotional development. Factors such as their family, education as well as their entourage will play a big role in that development. Other factors include the nature of the environment they are exposed to, whether it is facilitative or not. But what is certain is that the most important role in a child’s development will be played by the family. Three movie, being the lion king, finding Nemo and Pinocchio, ranging respectively from a loving healthy family to an over protective family to a complete absence of family will perfectly illustrate how a family’s bond affects the child’s way of interacting with the world.
First of all, the movie Finding Nemo”, tells the tale of a clownfish, Marlin, whose wife died and eggs eaten following a tragic accident where a barracuda attacked them during his absence . The only survivor of the attack was his child, Nemo. Following this event, Marlin transforms to become an excessively over protective father smothering his son. Years later, on a normal day, as nemo was swimming closely to the surface, he gets caught in the net of a diver. Horrified, his father starts a journey of looking for his son.
Many questions are raised such as: Why was Nemo wondering so close to the surface when he was warned that it was a dangerous place to swim? How was Nemo’s relationship with

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