Character Analysis: Finding Nemo

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Growing up and now entering into my adult years of my life, one character has always remained with me and helped me overcome many challenges and struggles in life. Dory, one of the protagonists in the popular Disney film “Finding Nemo”, is the most influential character in my life. Dory illustrates through her actions and personality that she is the true definition of a hero. She exemplifies the qualities it takes to be a leader and hero through her optimistic attitude, kindness to others, her helpful hand to anyone she sees, and lovingness. Her willingness to go to full lengths to help her friends and accompanying anyone, she takes on adventures and displays her role as a leader throughout the entire movie. Despite her adventurous side, she has a more calm, serious side with limitations as well. Displaying her personality in the film has shown…show more content…
Her optimism is something I strive for. When Marlin was perturbed if he was going to be able to find his son, Dory was there to assure him that it was possible. I also strive to be that companion that Dory was for people that need guidance or assistance. A significant influence from Dory’s personality has reminded me to be the best person I can be in every situation that life hands me. This means a lot to me that through a fish in a disney cartoon movie, it displays the bigger picture that we should always be willing to help out one another and to have a kind personality, with the thinking that anything is possible. In the movie, Dory was there to comfort anybody that came in her sight. “There, there. It’s all right. It’ll be okay” is a phrase used by Dory a couple times. Even though Dory suffered from short term memory loss, she still found the best in every situation. From my childhood to now, Dory will always be the picture in my head for when I’m in a tough position so I can think what Dory would
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