Character Analysis: Good Guys Always Win

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"But why did he do it?" That question, many of us ask in a lifetime to understand the meaning behind the actions of what a person has done. Mrs. Kittredge had to make an important decision that could have impacted two friends in the story, “Cover-ups”. Also, in “Good Guys Always Win” the character Good Guy also has a decision to make that could impact his life on how people could perceive in such a way that to him would be horrible. Who had the more difficult choice, is in a way hard to make a selection, along with trying to know if the person did make the right decision is also hard to understand. In the story, “Cover-ups” Mrs. Kittredge makes the decision, after being asked upon what a picture was, that she must tell the two askers about the fathers and how one had stolen a large sum of money from the other due to being desperate, but was soon found guilty after the business he stole from had been audited and the discrepancies were found having had sent both to jail. She had never told the two, Richard and Jenna, before due to not wanting them to have more of a clouded judgement of their parents. Mrs. Kittredge did make the decision to tell Jenna and Richard of what had occurred previously and why both their fathers had gone away for…show more content…
Good Guy is forced to make the decision of whether he will bring the paper back to the teacher or if he will give in to greed and accept money from Rich Kid or the offering from Cute Girl to go to all the dances. Good Guy though also wants to attend college and knows that if he were to submit into the offering he could be held back or not have anything for college and how it would go against his morals to give in. He makes the decision to hand back the teacher and fully confess that he had only looked upon the first page before having realized that it was the
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