Character Analysis: Hills Like White Elephants

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Hills Like White Elephants” The story contains two main character arguing about the procedure of an abortion. Jig is obviously questioning their relationship. By the way she replies to him and by the current situation they are going through. She is certainly unhappy with their relationship at the moment. In top of all she is not sure about going through with the procedure. “The American” wants Jig to go through the procedure. He feels like if she goes through with the abortion, things will go back to what the used to be. She doesn’t feel that way; she knows things will not be exactly like they were before. Jig knows that if she goes through with the abortion they would have made the decision that they don’t want a family. She’s not sure if that’s what she truly wants. “Story of an Hour” …show more content…

Mallard’s home; it all happens within an hour. Mrs. Mallard has a very critical heart condition. When her family discover that Mr. Mallard was killed in a train accident, they are very cautious when telling Mrs. Mallard, the news. She is heartbroken; she soon starts thinking of the freedom and possibilities that she holds. Even though she is truly saddened by his death, she feels free for the first time. Her sister, Josephine, goes up to the room to check on her. Finally, Mrs. Mallard and her sister come out of the room. Suddenly, Mr. Mallard walks in and Mrs. Mallard quickly finds out he’s not dead. She sees him and has a tremendous shock and dies. According to the doctor she dies of shock and joy. I personally think she had learned to appreciate this new freedom she had obtained; and she not only dies of a heart attack. I think she also dies because her freedom was snatched

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