Character Analysis: Holes By Sachar

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The novel Holes by Sachar is about a boy called Stanley Yelnats who experiences a huge change in his personality and character. His family has a history of bad luck and this proves true when he is wrongly accused of a crime, so he isn 't surprised when he was sent to Camp Green Lake. At Camp Green Lake, he is made to dig but he soon makes friends and begins to grow stronger in person and character. The Warden claims it is a character building, but it is a lie. Stanley discovers the truth and reverses the curse on his family a millionaire. At the beginning of the novel, Stanley is a unlucky, overweight teenage with no friends who needs to stick up for himself, when bullied barbarously by Derrick Dune, who throws his books down the toilet ; even though he is a really big kid for his age. The quote that supports my point is "Back at school, a bully named Derrick Dune used to torment Stanley. The teachers never took Stanley 's complaints seriously, because Derrick was so much smaller than Stanley." The quote emphasizes that Stanley is a loser with low self-love who has no confidence in himself. Nobody respects him, not even his teachers because sometimes they also make cruel comments about him. He may be our hero, but he 's not exactly the hero type. He goes through life with his mouth closed and his head down: he 's not the kind of kid that you really notice much. The text displays an image that Stanley wakes up every day knowing that he is cursed; knowing that no matter

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