Character Analysis: Hoppie Groenewald

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Hoppie Groenewald was the character most compelling because of his kindness and inspiration he showed to Peekay. Peekay is just a little kid in the beginning and is not treated the way a kid should be, Hoppie is the first one outside the family to show him respect and a genuine smile. He encouraged Peekay to be strong; he gave solid advice and hope that the little man can win, for example when it came to fighting he always said, “First with the head then with the heart, that is how a man stays ahead from the start”(Courtenay 103). Life as young Peekay is nothing but struggles, sorrow, and every now and then a happy event. Due to his young age at the time he does not understand what courage and pride is, even after asking Big Hettie, “I wasn’t
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