Character Analysis: House On Mango Street

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Esperanza is a girl who lives in a poor, Latino neighborhood in Chicago. She is a girl who struggles with finding herself in this neighborhood as well as in the world. She has two brothers and one sister. Esperanza, based on her actions, is a girl who is very innocent but she lets others influence her actions. She has always wanted to have a house of her own and she has a low self-esteem (House on Mango Street 47.) Esperanza is very insecure of herself because she believes she is less for having a poor house and for not being like other girls who get attention from everyone (House on Mango Street 45.) Based on her actions, I don’t think Esperanza is Christian. She is very unhappy with what she has and who she is (House on Mango Street 5.) If Esperanza was Christian, she would be joyful with what she has and thank God for having what she has. Her insecurities don’t reflect a Christian attitude either because God made everyone unique and with different talents and qualities. Also, her…show more content…
I could also see the world many people live in and the many difficulties they have. For example, in the book, many women married because they thought it was a way to escape poverty and hoping to have a better life. This is true for many women throughout the world and it shouldn’t be that way. House on Mango Street made me think differently because sometimes we don’t appreciate what we have and we should be thankful because there are many people who don’t have many things but they are still happy and grateful with what they have. Something that was challenging about reading this book was that it has many themes and sometimes you may be confused on what the theme is. I liked this book because I can now see how many people live and how the world really is. I also liked it because it taught me many valuable things and we can reflect on many lessons this book
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