Character Analysis: How A Shy Gal Made A Couple Friends

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How a shy gal made a couple friends Page 1: Once upon a time there was a girl. She was known to be quiet in class, but she was also quite kind and had a heart big enough to share. She was an only child; friendships were always slow to develop and growing up, she was slightly behind on the reading and spelling phase of an adolescent. She finally caught up though, and made some decent friends during middle school who she thought were too good to be true. Page 2: After summer her assumptions came true, she was right to worry, but she didn’t know this until later. From the last day of eighth grade and throughout the summer, she knew that her old friends wouldn 't be her friends any longer, they 'd grown apart. When High school started and she was back to being a quiet teenager who knew everyone’s name…show more content…
Page 6: The shy teenager is still in there on the back burner, she’s just comfortable enough to be herself with Lyndlee and Remi. Which is a great thing, or so her parents say, who always encouraged her to try to make friends and she somehow did. She even took the initiative this year to join six clubs; History, Archery, Camera, International, and Leo Club, with Byrd Buddies not far behind to help with widening her boundaries with the interaction of people. Page 7: Her trio has been a roller coaster in itself, but what Lyndlee and Remi have taught her is worth not having different friends. All three are a mismatched trio that she wouldn’t trade, and she’s forever grateful that they let her join their group last year. She doesn’t know what type of person or group she’d be in right now if not for them. Senior year is approaching swiftly and she can 't wait for what lies ahead. Back: Darien has always liked people and how their mindsets effect their life maturing. She will inspire one day to study to be a child psychologist in the near future. When she isn’t awkwardly trying to write, Darien is reading a book, watching peculiar documentaries, or lost somewhere with her
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