Character Analysis In John Updike's A & P

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John Updike’s story “A&P” is a literary masterpiece that reveals the expectations of a man at the prime of his youth and an old manager in a society that is seemingly so strict on social ideals. Told from the first person point of view, the story is a strong way to show what the character Sammy learns in the shop as he develops his personality traits through the buyers and the manager. Written in the present simple tense, the story proves to be more appropriate for oral presentation. The purpose of this essay is to present a critical analysis of the personality traits of the character Sammy. In order to present the character traits analysis, the essay contends that a person is described through what they say, do, and think, what others think or say about them, or how the author describes them. Sammy’s personality traits can therefore be presented as exemplified and…show more content…
As the story begins, it is undeniable that the first person omniscient point of view is heavily loaded with observation techniques. Sammy is able to point out the dress code and the prima donna legs of the peculiar lady he has decided to call Queenie. Glued to his observation, he is able trace the steps of Queenie who comes down in measured heels. Furthermore, through the narration, Sammy reveals his keenness as he mentions the “dirty pink or beige suit” that is worn by the lady (Updike 359). As a dynamic character, the story of the three girls develops Sammy into an interested individual who describes the chest of Queenie as “mental tinted in light”. This is to later announce his interest in this particular woman. Other evidence of Sammy’s observant nature include descriptions such as “oaky hair”, head and neck held high and “goony-goony” lady (Updike 362). It is necessary to point out that the character Sammy has chosen which particular lady to focus on in the shop. This reveals his carnal nature and an amorous
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