Character Analysis: Into The Dark Water

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The quotes from Jack Thayer helped me feel the intensity and emotion of the story “Into the Dark Water” By Lauren Tarshis. In this story, Jack Thayer a 17 year boy stuck fighting for his life on the Titanic. As it sank he lost his parents and all he had was his friend. There was quotes from him that kept you reading. It felt like you were there and what it was like to go through tragedy. Lauren Tarshis put these quotes in so you could feel what the carters were going through and how they felt. One of the quotes in the story was from the creator of the Titanic He said “The Iceberg’s Jagged fingers had clawed through the steel hull.” that made me feel how Jack felt when he heard the man who knew the ship inside out say something like this. That's when Jack finally felt the intensity of what was going to happen in just a few minutes. In the…show more content…
There he was a 17 year old boy going to jump into freezing water. That he could possible die in and stay there for ever after he jumped a lifeboat picked him up and saved him when he got on the bout they were packed like sardines as the stern was up in the air nobody moved for fear to fall over. That big quote helped me feel like I was jumping of the bout and pulled up into a lifeboat where I am jammed in pack together as tight a sardinians. Not knowing where his parents were they could be dead or freezing in the water. As you can see these quotes in the story made you feel like you were there and going through this tragedy. Lauren Tarshis found theys quotes to make her story more emotional. She helped the readers go through one of the biggest tragedies in history. This story will be passed through generations for years to come And Jack Thayer's quotes will help us understand what he was going through on this night in
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