Character Analysis: Is Brother To Blame For Doodle's Death

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Is Brother to blame for Doodle’s death? There are different perspectives on the situation. Brother pushed Doodle to much without respect, and left him alone outside with a storm. I think Brother is to blame for Doodle’s death. Brother treated Doodle like a toy. He made Doodle do things that he didn’t want to do .For example, Doodle didn’t want to start walking. He was just fine of being pushed around in his cart. Brother should have been responsible. Leaving Doodle outside in a storm while he just ran off is irresponsible. Brother shouldn’t have gotten mad at Doodle because Doodle didn’t do what he was asked to. By doing that, Doodle got scared and chased after him which made him overheat and die. Doodle should have stood up for himself.
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