Character Analysis Lady Macduff

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Lady Macduff What is your overall impression of your character? How would you describe him or her? What details from the play give you this impression? Lady Macduff is a caring, yet oblivious person who does not understand the true magnitude of the situation. She continuously asks why her husband fled, instead of thinking up a rational explanation on her own. Which would be that he fled because he was in danger. She is flustered and upset at the beginning of the scene while she discusses with Ross and her son, but once the messenger shows up, her state of mind changes to panic as she says that she has nothing to be afraid of and did nothing wrong. What does your character want in the scene that your group is acting? What is your character's motivation for doing what he or…show more content…
It seems to be that her motivation is her son, as she wishes him and herself safety. However, she doesn’t know the reason of why somebody is out for her husband. What are your character’s emotions in this scene? Do they change at all? Lady Macduff’s emotions change from confused to scared for her own life. In the beginning of the act she asks questions such as, “What had he done to make him fly the land?” (4.2.1). She is confused by the fact that her husband fled as that is a sign of cowardness and betrayal. Although as the scene goes on, we read that Lady Macduff gets a message that basically states that someone is out to kill her. So now not only is she confused, but she is scared and fears for her own life along with her son’s. How do you think your character should sound in this scene? (Is his or her language elaborate, plain, musical or what?) Lady Macduff should sound unsure as well as confused. Although, her language throughout the scene is fairly plain and straightforward. Asking the simple questions of “Why?” and “How could he do this?”, referring to her
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