Letter To The Crystal Merchant Movie Script

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Letter to the Crystal Merchant #1
The Neenah Vaughn Co.
2869 Cherryview Road,
New Jersey, California

January 28, 2020

The Crystal Merchant
Apartment studios
Egypt Boulevard

Dear Crystal merchant. I am inviting you to play that role of the “ Crystal Merchant. “ This will be a film production. It will take place July 28, 2020 and shooting will begin November 21, 2020.
*Add more thought towards the first paragraph The story follows a boy named Santiago who is trying to find his treasure. Threw his path he discovers things about himself and obstacles that tried to inhibit the way of his dream. Along the way he meets a young Arab boy whom he thought would help him but, instead the boy steals his money. He meets a crystal merchant
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Santiago. I am writing to invite you to play the role of Santiago. This will be a film production. It will start May 28, 2020 and rehearsal will begin February 28, 2020. The movie is about a simple boy with a calling on his life. He has to jump threw obstacles in order to find his dream and along the way he meets people who help him to become stronger/ wiser mentally, physically, and spiritually. My goal for the film it to allow the audience to connect with the movie on a deeper level. To be able to connect with a film that is not only creative but one that can impact their lives and allow them to reflect on what obstacles have been in the way of the dreams. Santiago is an adventurous boy. He is willing to take changes and is not afraid of those who try to hold him back from his dream, when he began to communicate with the Soul of the World and he stood firm in the powerful wind or when the men beat him up for his treasure. He did not waver. He become stronger from it. You can see how his personality changes when hie is put in certain situations, but you can see a change from when he started his journey to where he finished. When people see santiago, I want them to see his growth and how he overcame his
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