Character Analysis: Lone Survivor

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Losing a loved one or close friend is one of the hardest things to absorb, the regrets of not doing something we might have wanted to; or maybe we did not tell them something that we wanted to. On the other hand, we could have possibly done all that we could have and not regret a thing, perhaps we just feel broken without them. In the event that you lose multiple close friends, not to mention right in front of your eyes, how would you feel? Do you think you could handle it? What would you do to cope with it? In Marcus Luttrell’s memoir lone Survivor, he is faced with the devastation of losing his SEAL team in a gunfight against hundreds of Taliban rebels. Luttrell tries to cope with the loss of his team, his brothers, by going out and revealing his story. Letting people know what the author has been through, although he still has trouble handling the situation. Luttrell’s problem is that he can not get over what he had gone through such as losing his friends; wondering, how he is going to get through this difficult…show more content…
Particularly, the reason getting over his situation is one of the guys that was killed was his best friend. Also, Luttrell was the only one to survive so he had to relay what had happened during his time in Afghanistan, this being the attacks that were brought upon the SEAL team, and what had happened to the men: “I was the bearer of the terrible news” (4). The metaphor Luttrell uses here means more than just the bearer of bad news; bearer is also the flag holder and the casket-holder. If it wasn’t enough that Luttrell had to live with all that had happen, such and his friends being killed in front of him, now he had to deal with everyone asking him questions and bothering him about it only bringing back all the bad memories of that horrifying time in Luttrell’s
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