Character Analysis: Loner

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Me and my friend Jack Reacher Create your introduction paragraph here. Be sure that you end this paragraph with your thesis sentence from the outline. I can relate with the character Jack Reacher, from Killing Floor in many ways First, I can relate to Jack Reacher because we are both loners. Reacher is a loner in many ways. Reacher travels all around the country from state to state all by himself for no reason but to just do it. Reacher also does not like to be around a lot of people and keeps the amount of people he associates with really small. I am also a loner for many reasons. I enjoy being by myself because I do not enjoy all the chaos of being with a lot of people. I am also a loner because I feel that I can get more done if I am by myself and focused only on the task I am doing. Next, I can relate to Jack Reacher because we are both heroic. Most people would see Jack Reacher as a hero due to all of the times he goes out of the way to get the job done for the little people. Another way Jack Reacher is a hero is that he has seems to have certain skills that are more developed than the average person. I would also consider myself a hero in some ways. For example, I go…show more content…
Jack Reacher is a very selfless person in plenty of ways. One-way Jack Reacher is selfless is that he would do anything to protect Helen and the people he cares about which is few. Another way Jack Reacher is selfless is that he tried his hardest to prove that James Bar is proven innocent in the murder case. I am also very selfless in many ways because I believe this is my strongest and best trait about me. One of the big reasons I consider myself selfless is that I always put others safety before my own all the time. Another way that I am selfless is that I always make sure other people are taken care of before myself even if I barely have enough money for me to eat I would much rather give it to someone in dire need of
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