Character Analysis Mary Maloney Lamb To The Slaughter

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The character “Mary Maloney” from the short story “Lamb to the Slaughter” perpetrated condemning actions towards her husband and fellow society members, by her sinful behavior as follows, she carries out the crime of a murder by killing her husband (Patrick Maloney), then conceals the murder in mischievous ways, and tops it by mocking respected officers. Foremost, Mary Maloney ceased her husband’s life away forever with no sorrow within her. “All right, she told herself. So I’ve killed him” (p.13). From the quote there is perceptible evidence that Mary Maloney has evidently killed her husband and feels no regret towards it. Doing the unthinkable crime of murder is one thing, but not being hurt by the death of your own husband, is baleful enough. Moreover, Mary hid the truth from, all with the help…show more content…
She had a whole scheme planned out to her advantage in order to make her look like the sweet and kinder wife which she poses as. She acted and mislead Sam the grocer to have a witness in her behalf, and persuaded Sergeant Noonan along with his team to eat the evidence. Finally, when Mary Maloney got her plan to succeed, she laughed at the foolishness of the officers with no dolefulness about Patrick’s death. “And in the other room Mary Maloney began to giggle” (p.18). This line in the story occurred afterwards the investigators were eating the murder weapon (lamb), Mary Maloney was laughing at this moment which is bizarre and deranged behavior. The way she giggles at a time like this and did not show any sight of guilt at the loss of her husband shows how little she values and loves him. Thus Mary Maloney has commit unforgiveable crimes that cannot be overlooked. She firstly executed her husband, which she later dissembled, and then mocked highly respected officers and grocer that had been a pawn in Mary’s plan. Hence, Mary Maloney should face legal charges for her
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