Character Analysis: Merryweather High School

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“Mr. Freeman is ugly. Big old grasshopper body, like a stilt- walking circus guy. Nose like a credit card sunk between his eyes. But he smiles at us as we file into class”(10). This imagery that the author uses shows Us how the authors feels towards Mr. Freeman and some of her other teachers. How might Melinda Sordino change throughout her experience of Merryweather High School? Will she be treated differently? Melindas secret is out and about. Near the end people are treating Melinda like a hero and not an outcast. “You can hardly tell it 's a basement. It 's covered in carpet- ing nicer than we have in our living room. A monster TV glows in a corner, and there 's a pool table and exercise equip- ment. It doesn 't even smell like a basement”(23). This reminds me of the time when I just saw my…show more content…
Melinda has very bad grades so she couldn’t join that way. She got the chance to get a free A on gym by showing up at a basketball voluntary club, so that she could join. She chooses not to show up and doesn’t join the team at all. “The first hour of blowing off school is great. No one to tell me what to do, what to read, what to say. It 's like living in an M T V video—not with the stupid costumes, but wearing that butt-strutting, I-do-what-I-want additood”(97). I really quite dislike this part. This type of mentality creates people to divert the types of friends they make. This ultimately will cause them to have a bad future. This shows Melinda’s attitude. “"We were never really, really friends, were we? I mean, it 's not like I ever slept over at your house or anything. We like to do different things. I have my modeling, and I like to shop . . . "”(105). Why did Heather all of a sudden deny her friendship with Melinda? Heather didn’t want to to be friends with Melinda anymore because she didn’t want people to get an unpopular impression of her. Melinda was disliked, so if Heather hanged out with her, that would make people think of her as an outcast just

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