Character Analysis: Monsters Inc.

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2001 was a year that most people find devastating, but as a one year old, unaware of the tragedy happening in the world, I found peace in a dazzling movie known as Monsters, Inc. As a toddler, I found myself attracted and intrigued by the big fluffy blue monster, Sully, and the one eyed green monster, Mike Wazowski. In my mind, I trusted these two monsters and I wanted my own Mike Wazowski and Sully in real life. Looking back at it as I’m older, my views on the movie and the lessons I’ve learned still haven’t changed. However, I’ve been able to pinpoint the Mike and Sully in my life, my parents. Although Monsters Inc. is an animation, the lessons I’ve learned from watching it have made me more open-minded and aware of those around me.
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