Character Analysis: Montana 1948

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Montana 1948 Analysis
What does family mean to oneself? For many people that’s all they have , for some they despise their family. On the novel Montana 1948 we see many phrases regarding to Family. David was the only child of Gail and Wesley Hayden. David had an uncle named Frank he was a doctor. The Hayden family had a housekeeper named Marie little soldier. There were other characters in the book for instance, Julian Hayden ( Father of Wes Hayden), Len McCauley (The deputy sheriff of Bent Rock), Gloria Hayden (Frank's wife) and Enid Hayden (Wes mother). The Montana 1948 Novel is a novel based on the Hayden family struggles with family issues throughout the novel. David Hayden quoted the following "I believe I remember that incident so fondly
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By growing to become a better person I mean by learning from mistakes , where one's family helps oneself overcome any problem one face's. On the novel Montana 1948 we see a scene where the love of family shows its true colors. The following quote states "Murder!" My father shouted and a second time even louder: "Murder!" (Watson, pg 120). Grandfather said " My god, boy. Look at this. Look at what you've done to her" My mother said , "Here. Let me." " I'm sorry," said my father. " Who the hell's dead anyways?" "Marie" "She was sick! She had pneumonia , for Christ's sake!" " He didn’t deny it pop. There's evidence--"(Watson, pg 121). This quote is showing us how even in family's who have the most decent name has problems. This is the time when one realize's family is the most important factor in life. Even though frank made a bad decision, his family member's were still there for him. Julian could not believe what Wes was telling him. I believe this scenario is one of the most difficult situations in family's. This is the point where oneself decide's what to do. As we all know frank then commits suicide.
All things considered family is the most important factor in life. Overall the difficulties David went through throughout his lifetime in the Epilogue of the book he explained how his family had overcome what had happened. Even though David went through so much he still grew up to be an educated gentleman who loved his family . No matter what had happened in the past David never hold a grudge against his parents or family member's. That’s what family is about, forgiving , loving, growing and accepting one
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