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Mr. Monk Character Analysis In Mr. Monk Gets Even by Lee Goldberg, Mr. Monk was even better at solving the murder mysteries than I expected. Mr. Monk was an unusual character; he was written to be abnormal. Despite his many phobias and quirks, he was a brilliant detective. He used his deductive skills consulting the San Francisco Police Department. In the story, he solved several murders and prevented the prison escape of his nemesis. Throughout the story, Mr. Monk was an interesting character.
It’s Mr. Monks quirks and phobias that make Mr. Monk Gets Even funny. Mr. Monk was afraid of almost everything. He wouldn’t go onto odd numbered floors. In the book, there was a murder committed on an odd numbered floor, and he wanted the police department to remake the scene on an even numbered floor for him. They didn’t, but Mr. Monk was serious in asking …show more content…

Monk is difficult. Mr. Monk is obviously the protagonist. The story revolves around him, even though it’s told by a character on the other side of the country. Identifying him as dynamic or static is complicated. Mr. Monk didn’t change very much throughout the story, but he does change a little. The little bit of change is actually pretty significant since he goes out of his way to make sure everything stays the same. Over the course of several years, there’s nothing an ordinary person could identify as having changed in his apartment because of his effort to keep everything exactly the same. Keeping everything clean and constant were his goals outside of avoiding his fears and solving homicides. When looked at this way, the fact that he was dating a woman who sold products composed of feces was a pretty significant change. Overall, he could be considered dynamic even though he went through relatively little change. Even though he could be considered dynamic, Mr. Monk was a flat character. He was just a brilliant person with an extremely serious case of

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