Character Analysis: Mrs. Jones Changing Rodger

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I feel that Mrs. Jones’s did not fully change Roger as a whole where this story leaves off. I do feel, however that she has set him down a better path with a little nudging head start. I would say this mostly due to the fact of his almost not being able to say thank you to Mrs. Jones. Now some may say that he was simply too overwhelmed with her kindness to say anything. But, I think that it was due to his inner self possibly questioning this change of person. Now as for the evidence of Mrs. Jones changing Rodger I would say starts at the beginning of this story. The first moment of her kindness was to not take him to the police, but instead take him home. At this time Roger did try stealing from her so generally it would be the logical thing to do. At this time Roger has not changed, but most people would feel, at least I think, a form of relief and gratitude about not getting taking in for a crime. (Taken from pg 1) The next act of kindness and the first sign of Roger changing to a better person was when Mrs. Jones brought Roger inside his home and left him two options (though didn’t say them) as she let him go. Either go wash his face like she asked or he could run out the open door. Now the dilemma inside his head was shown through this line, “Roger looked at the door-looked at the woman-looked at the door-and went to the sink.” This…show more content…
Jones is trying to get across to Roger is this, the road you were about to walk was a path that wouldn’t lead to good places. This is shown through the first paragraph with this, “I have done things, too, which I would not tell you, son-neither tell God, if he didn’t already know.” However I feel that there’s an added message to this which is brought in while eating dinner. Instead of Mrs. Jones lecturing Roger she told about herself to the boy about her job and such. I think that his has an underlying message of telling Roger that good things come from going of this evil
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