Character Analysis Of A Wallflower

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Characters in the novel – The main character in this book is Charlie who also narrates this story by writing a string of letters to an anonymous reader with whom he feels he can share his torment. After his best friend, Michael, commits suicide he feels as if he is left alone to face the next four years of high school. He mostly lives in his own little world and just wanders and observes things which is mainly the reason why his friends give him the title of a 'wallflower. ' Similarly when Charlie describes his crush Sam by stating “Incidentally, Sam has brown hair and very very pretty, green eyes. The kind of green that doesn’t make a big deal about itself “(Chbosky, 19).This indicates how he analyzes her features and adds a deeper meaning to simply just her eyes. Alike most teenagers his age, Charlie makes very rash and impulsive decisions like when the football players teamed up against Patrick for being gay and started beating him up until Charlie interferes and stops them, winning him respect among Sam and everyone else. He suffers from Major Depressive disorder which he later overcomes through therapy. The characters in the novel are portrayed exceptionally well in the movie by the actors just like they would in reality. Characters in the movie – Charlie is played by Logan Lerman in the movie version of this novel he is still the main character in the film. In the movie he is shown to be just like he was described in the novel. The awkward, self-conscious and naïve

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