A Wallflower Book Report

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Register to read the introduction…After his best friend, Michael, commits suicide he feels as if he is left alone to face the next four years of high school. He mostly lives in his own little world and just wanders and observes things which is mainly the reason why his friends give him the title of a 'wallflower. ' Similarly when Charlie describes his crush Sam by stating “Incidentally, Sam has brown hair and very very pretty, green eyes. The kind of green that doesn’t make a big deal about itself “(Chbosky, 19).This indicates how he analyzes her features and adds a deeper meaning to simply just her eyes. Alike most teenagers his age, Charlie makes very rash and impulsive decisions like when the football players teamed up against Patrick for being gay and started beating him up until Charlie interferes and stops them, winning him respect among Sam and everyone else. He suffers from Major Depressive disorder which he later overcomes through…show more content…
Charlie discusses the traumatic experience of the death of his beloved Aunt Helen and the suicide of his best friend, Michael. Next, he befriends two seniors: Patrick and Sam, who then introduce him to the world of drugs and alcohol. Charlie tries to ignore the fact that he is greatly drawn to Sam and develops a crush on her. It is hard for Charlie to focus on his teen life because he cannot seem to let go of his abusive past and the distressing flashbacks that come along with it, which we do not find out about until very late into the book. Charlie’s abuser happens to be his favorite Aunt Helen. All this time he felt guilt that she died in a car crash when driving to get his Christmas present, she died getting the present which belonged to him and so he blames himself for killing her. The plot also proceeds into many different directions like with Charlie’s sister Candace and her abusive relationship with her boyfriend which leads to a stronger bond between both Charlie and Candace. Along with Charlie’s good friend Patrick and his secret relationship with the high school’s jock, Brad. However the plot in the movie is much more generalized than in the
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