Character Analysis Of Abigail In The Crucible

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Abigail was not a great character, and throughout the play she didn’t get any nicer, or change at all. Abigail was the same character from the beginning to the end. Abigail even tries to kill someone, and accuses other people of being a witch. Abigail had a mean personality, didn’t change at all, and was motivated to get back at another character. Abigail Williams was a very odd character, she was manipulative, a bully, and leader of a large group of girls. Abigail’s personality throughout the play was always negative. When she was manipulative she was trying to gain something from someone. For example she tried to get proctor to admit to her that he loved her like she loved him. Abigail was also a bully to many people. She was a bully to everyone in the group that was in the woods. Abigail was especially mean to Mary Warren because Mary Warren wanted to quit, she wanted to tell the truth and stay out of trouble. As Abigail was almost like a leader to the group of girls in the forest, she wanted them to obey her, yet she was mean and forceful in her ways of leading the girls. She wanted them to obey her, so she would threaten to kill them so they would keep quiet.3 Abigail is very deceiving and lied often. During the book she convinces people that she is a nice girl, and that she wouldn’t do anything wrong. Abigail was an interesting character,…show more content…
Unlike other characters who changed. Abigail in the beginning of the book is just as deceiving in the end of the book. In the beginning and the end she is acting as thought she is completely innocent, and as though she does’t know some of the information she does know about the night in the woods. Even though Abigail doesn’t change, you see her real self come out throughout the play. When the girls are all talking, Abigail showed us her deceiving side for he first time. Abigail didn’t change, but she needed to change because she was deceiving and
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