Character Analysis Of Abigail Williams

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Abigail Williams is a Calamity, Known as a wonderful young lady In the village, Abigail is also in love with John Proctor and in this story nobody is as they appear to be. Abigail is a great example of that. Let me tell you more about Abigail Williams.
Abigail Williams would be known as a educated middle class person because she was living with Parris the priest he is constantly scared that someone is trying to ruin him, Abigail was also known as a good young woman except for the fact that everyone doesn 't know that she is a lying to the whole community.Abigail Williams was 18 years old and was also single even though she had an affair with John Proctor “Aye, Sir, she knew her for a harlot”(Applebee et al.221). Abigail also wanted to run away with John because Predilection,love,and to start a new life with him but john didn 't want that.
Next, Abigail also was not a very good christian because she is constantly lying to everybody that she comes in contact with. Sometimes I understand lying though from abigail because it is a natural human reaction because we will do anything to stay alive. Then she takes it to far because she made over five-hundred people hang and I think that she realized that.
Abigail was known to be a good christian because if she wasn 't someone would tell the judges and then they would put an end Immaculate,to this because then they would know that the girls were faking it. The judges were told that the girls were faking it and they all thought it
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