Character Analysis Of Across The Bridge By Mwangi Gicheru

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“A factory reject. That’s what I was. Made up of third class material. The leftovers of creation. I suspect God created me shortly before lunch…..he left me incomplete.” These words by Chuma, a character in Mwangi Gicheru’s book, “Across the bridge” which made it clear that there exist segregation, and oppression. The identity perceived in the story is seen through two young lovers, Caroline and Chuma, whose socio-economic worlds are distinctly apart. In the story, Caroline Wambui lives in an affluent environment-high class. She has differences with her father, Kihuthu concerning her social life. She wished to build her own social life which her father, a post-colonial bourgeoisie did not allow. Both Kihuthu and his wife knew their daughter suffered loneliness. The social setting did not allow relations, only master-servant relation, anything more was prohibited. Kihuthu has his hawk eye on his daughter everywhere, in school or at home and relations within different homesteads was also forbidden. Caroline chose to cross the social bridge and break her suffering by reaching out for Chuma, a house boy that she was not supposed to have second thoughts about. She crossed the social bridge and their constant nightly meeting at Chuma’s quarters ended with Caroline being pregnant. Kihuthu’s power and influence stand as an obstacle to the two lovers to be together, they underwent hard moments trying to make ends meet. Mwangi Gicheru chose literary devices, settings strategy and
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