Essay About The Movie Amigo

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This is a fictional story that was placed in the time where the Philippines were under the government of the Americans. According to Google, the word “Amigo” originated from the Spanish in the mid 19 century. Amigo means friend in Spanish. In this movie, when the American soldiers took over this small village, they wanted to know who was the head captain, also known as the “barrio” of it and the main character, Rafael introduced himself as Amigo (Sayles & Renzi, 2010). Rafael wanted to show them that he was a friend of theirs and there should not be any conflict. The small village could continue their daily lives but they were being watched at every move and they had restrictions. No matter what they were facing and no matter how much restrictions the Filipinos had, they remained faithful to what they believed in and to the people around them. They had each other in a time of need. Characters The characters that I…show more content…
We should also maintain and create close relationships with other people whether it 's you as the captain or weather it 's you as a human. We should never betray someone we love in order to save ourselves. That is a selfish act that one can do. Rafael did the opposite. He sacrificed himself to save others. If I was in his position, I would not know what to do because I would not know the outcome. If I sacrificed myself, would the Americans still be able to find the Insurrectos even without my help or would they give up? I would question if my sacrifice was worth it. If I did not sacrificed myself, I would feel the guilt for the rest of my life or would there be change in events. For example, if they capture the Insurrectos, would we be able to have enough people to fight with against the Americans. That is just me but Rafael, did not think twice about his decision and that is a very heroic
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