Recent Criticism In Anthony Burgess A Clock Work Orange

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emotional survival as situations change; there is no love which cannot become destructive- excessive passions destroy. Seth shows a similarity with that of Anthony Burgess (1917-1993), a novelist who was a great critic, composer, essayist, translator of the twentieth century. He was also linguist and a music lover. His novels had a blend of language and music which is seen in his novel ‘A Clock Work Orange’. The central character in this novel is Alex, a first person narrator. His characters like that of Seth’s are defeated persons who are looking for their place in the real world. He wrote verse novels with meter, stanza and rhythm and rhyme to covey his ideas and to create his characters. This sort of genre is also seen in Seth’s writings…show more content…
In a television interview with Meenakshi Mukherjee stated in Prasad’s book, An Anthology of Recent Criticism, (2011)he said that he was just a writer, not an Indian or a Commonwealth or any kind of writer. (Prasad 15).Seth was right- he is one of those human beings privileged and fortunate enough to be able to travel and make the world their own. It is thus that Seth manages to write his brilliant books that seem to come from and address different locations. If TGG IS “pure” California, ASB is North India and AEM is European. It is very often only the name of the author on the cover that lets you know that you are reading a book by an Indian. This is the hallmark of this genius; the world belongs to him and he belongs to the world. Seth’s triumph lies in his ability to create and sustain a central character who has no direct relation to the author’s cultural context. It, hopefully, marks the beginning of the end of the expatriate Indian writer’s perpetual search for roots and endless discourses about the impossibility of home coming. The novel AEM heralds the ascent of the self-processed Indian who rises above the parochialism generated by the modern nation-state, yet is deeply immersed in a classical…show more content…
In this context Maria Tymoczko observes in his work, Post Colonial translation :Theory and Practice (1999) that inter-lingual literary translations and cross cultural texts are essentially distinct forms of writing, but that translation can provide and analogue for post colonial

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