Character Analysis Of Anthony Burgess's A Clock Work Orange

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emotional survival as situations change; there is no love which cannot become destructive- excessive passions destroy. Seth shows a similarity with that of Anthony Burgess (1917-1993), a novelist who was a great critic, composer, essayist, translator of the twentieth century. He was also linguist and a music lover. His novels had a blend of language and music which is seen in his novel ‘A Clock Work Orange’. The central character in this novel is Alex, a first person narrator. His characters like that of Seth’s are defeated persons who are looking for their place in the real world. He wrote verse novels with meter, stanza and rhythm and rhyme to covey his ideas and to create his characters. This sort of genre is also seen in Seth’s writings too. He refuses to succumb to the narcissism of place; his books have been set not only in India, but also in California, China etc. In one of his interviews , Seth spoke to Akash Kapoor while on book tour in Minnesota where he went on to say that:
It takes courage to experiment with form and many critics say that he hasn’t found his voice and that he should either write poetry or he should write a play. But Seth says that the fact is that different stages of one’s life. To Seth, to find one’s voice is not so important than the author: the characters. (Atlantic 3) Very early in his career, Vikram Seth objected to being categorized and has consistently done so ever since. In a television interview with Meenakshi
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