Character Analysis Of Antigone

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The meaning of a protagonist is “a leading actor, character, or participant in a literary work or real event” ( Merriam webster).When the play begins Creon is the king of Thebes and gives a speech to the people: “he who in his country’s cause fought gloriously and laid down his life shall be entombed and graced with every rite… The rest, I have proclaimed to be Thebes that non shall give him funeral honor” (pg. 9 line 194-205). Many say that this play occured because antigone went and buried Polyneices. This might be true, but it is because of Creon’s words that she went and buried her brother. If Creon did not make this decision of not giving Polyneices a proper burial, the whole tragedy would not have occured. There would be no consequences for anyone because the gods would have been happy. In other words, one could say that Creon’s actions lead into this tragedy. Not only does Creon lead the way for this play, he is able to make very important choices, giving him the title of a leading character.…show more content…
A value that tells one to stand up for their beliefs. Creon also teaches us a very important value in this novel. Toward the end of the play the chorus ays, “ of happiness for the greatest part is wisdom, and reverence toward the gods. Proud words of the arrogant man, in the end, meet punishment, great as his pride was great till at last he is schooled in wisdom”( page 45 1350). To reach Creon’s lesson he had was stubborn in the beginning of the novel then he listen to the people but he was too late and then he finally, gain wisdom through experience. This lesson was being developed throughout the whole play. The difference between the two lessons is that one of them is developed from the beginning of the play till the end of the play. Antigone’s lesson was announced toward the middle of the play, while creon’s was announced toward the end of the
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