Joan Of The Arc Analysis

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“She is not even a respectable woman. She does not wear women's clothes. She is dressed like a soldier, and rides round the country with soldiers.” She is Joan of the arc as described by the archbishop from the iconic play Saint Joan, a play written in the 1920s. At the time when the story was written, it wasn’t the best era for women. It was still the post-suffrage movement. Yes, women have just obtained the right to voting, to control their own body and sexuality. And women with jobs has increased by 25% and women with higher education have increased by 10%. But some women are still abused or hurt by the men around them. They don't get to speak out their voice they are still living by stereotypes and double standards. When women have not…show more content…
In the end of the story, she was killed because she was accused of being a witch and heretic. These things they say about Joan were false since she was clearly not a witch and she is a very religious girl. This proves a lot on how men in the story control over what women should be. Before being killed in the end she was insulted by people, she is called weak and less respectable. The steward assumed she is weak because she is a girl. Another prove that I have stated before is when the archbishop called her not a respectable woman. He stated that as if a girl dress like a soldier is something bad and new. They did not expect these kinds of attire and behavior from women. Because of the odd things Joan does, she was punished by being killed and burned to death. Nowadays women aren’t viewed equally as men. In the 1420s women would be viewed far less equal as men compared to today. Presumably, women are viewed as a weak being. Joan has also proven that being a woman was a negative thing through one of her lines. She stated that she did not want to be viewed a woman. She wanted to be a soldier. Well, there is nothing wrong with wanting to be a soldier. But there is also nothing wrong with being women, but with the stereotype shown in this work, Joan refuses to be seen as a woman. How she explained women is they desires to have love and money, it
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