Creative Writing: Art Nelson: A Bad Guy

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Art Nelson – A Bad Guy:
Art Nelson was still laying by the side of the road, when a squad car, driven by Officer Jack Jeffrey pulled up, with its lights flashing. Jack shined his pen-light into Art's eyes and got a reaction. He took out a bit of smelling salts and Art sat up immediately, ready to fight.
“Hold on, hold on, boy. You've been hurt pretty bad. Take it easy” said Jack, wary of any overt action from Art, who he knew quite well by being on the police force. Many a week-end, Art would spend as a guest of the city jail from some sort of altercation.
Art, sat up, seeing that his bike was down and no true biker can bear to see this. “Yeah, well someone sand-bagged me, but not before I got my licks in, too”, he lied. “He messed
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Officer Jack called for a vehicle to get the motorcycle to the police pound. After Art received medical attention, which included bandages and pain medication for his missing two teeth, Jack sat down to talk to him. He wanted to know more about who it was that had inflicted all this damage to him. Art wasn't very helpful, mainly because he had no idea who it was and didn't want to talk about the shellacking he had received. The doctor in the E/R decided that Art needed to be admitted to the hospital because they were concerned about a concussion. In addition, Art was in a lot of pain because of the two extracted…show more content…
The dentist told him it was a shame that he wasn't able to retrieve his teeth because they were extracted cleanly. He didn't want to be seen with his teeth yanked out and the dentist had to give him implants, which was a painful and expensive procedure. He couldn't wait to get his Harley back, all repaired to the tune of twenty-five hundred dollars. He would begin his search for the guy that did this to him. In the meantime, he just stayed alone in his apartment, watching movies, mostly pornographic. He wondered where Mary had gone. If she thought, she was just going to 'blow him off'', it wouldn't be that easy. He had told a few of his biker friends that he had two people to deal with – the dude in black and Mary
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