Character Analysis Of Atticus In 'To Kill A Mockingbird'

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Character Essay Atticus's character traits are an important part of the book To Kill A Mockingbird. He is a crucial main character who has great influence on the plot and other characters in this book. There are many things to talk about when it comes to Atticus. Atticus is a middle-aged man. He is tall by the standards of Maycomb men and is relatively strong for his age. He wears glasses and has graying hair. One of his claims to fame is being known as “Old One Shot”, because he was extremely good at shooting an air rifle when he was young. One important character trait of Atticus is his fairness. He is very fair and there are many examples of that in the book. When Jem and Scout, his children, fight he listens to both sides of the story…show more content…
The first example of this is when he takes the Tom Robinson versus Mayella Ewell case. He knows that it could potentially hurt him or his family members but he knows Tom deserves a fair chance. Another example is when Miss Maudie’s house is burning down he works with the other men of the town to get her furniture out before the fire consumes it. Another brave act was when he had to shoot the mad dog. He wasn’t sure what was wrong with it but it looked rabid and was going towards his children. He took action and shot it before it could do any harm. He is also a very genuine character. It says many times that one of the things that sets him apart from the rest is that he is the same inside and outside the house. This means that he acts the same no matter the situation; he will always do what he thinks is right and necessary. He also refuses to change this pattern when confronted with the proposition that his son killed Bob Ewell. He also doesn’t lie. He is very direct and tell the truth as it is. All in all I think Atticus was an extremely important character and his attributes greatly affected the story. He was fair, brave and genuine and also a great father. He let nothing stop him from doing what was right. He contributed greatly to the story and had a huge

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