Character Analysis Of Atticus In To Kill A Mockingbird, By Harper Lee

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Life should be about learning everything you want to learn. If you want to learn how to write, you should write and if you want to learn how to read then you should read. That's what Atticus is doing, he's being a good father because he's teaching his kids how to read and write. Atticus is intelligent, non racist, and teacher-like.
Atticus is intelligent because he's a lawyer which he says “ every lawyer gets at least one case”. He can read really well and he's very smart.
Being non racist or not racist is something a lot of people weren't back then but Atticus wasn't and was a good man for it. He defended a black man because he's a lawyer and wanted to defend an innocent man. A lot of people thought he was going to be a bad man because he was defending a colored man. Which the only reason Atticus didn't win was because the jury thought Tom abused the girl but Atticus still tried to defend tom and it didn't happen.
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That's what Atticus shows to his kids, he teaches them. He's teaching his kids how to read and write but he's also teaching them what's right and wrong in life like what he said,” most people are, Scout, when you finally see them”. He's always teaching his kids everyday.
Atticus shows great example of being a good, learning man. He's learned how to read and write and is passing it down to his kids. He's been working hard his whole life and he became a really smart man and a really good
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