Character Analysis Of Auggie In Wonder By R. J. Palacio

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Do you know why Auggie is not confident? why is Auggie not confident. In the book Wonder by R.J. PAlacio. He does not stick up for himself and he doesn't like his looks and he is scared to go to school because he thinks the kids will make fun of him.for all the reasons he is not confident. Auggie is not confident because he does not stuck up for himself. because when the bullies make fun of him then Auggie was bullied by Eddie at the playground people always judge him about his looks not the way he acts. Auggie struggles with the way he looks he didn't like his braid so he cut it off. The other kids are making fun of Auggie braid. Auggie thinks that he is a star wars characters because the kids are being mean to him. Auggie wasn't confident
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