Character Analysis Of August Matthew Pullman

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Comprehension 5.Describe the main character’s personality. August Matthew Pullman is a very self-conscious ten year old boy, as he is constantly being made fun of for his face. Once, he was so insecure that he wore an astronaut helmet over his face everyday in order to hide his face. August, however, is considered smart, as he had made the honor roll in his first year of public school. Pullman is also very sensitive, and his feelings can get easily hurt, especially when his face is singled out. He enjoys learning, and is extremely passionate about science. 6. Name three other character’s in the book and describe the main character’s relationship with each one. Summer- August and Summer met on Auggie’s first day of school, as Summer sat with him at lunch due to her feelings of empathy towards him. She later realized that August is a “ nice” and “cool” kid, bringing her to sit with him because she wanted to, not because she felt sorry for him. Jack- Jack was one of three student’s who were asked to guide August through the tour of Beecher Prep. August and Jack immediately clicked throughout the tour, and were friends for majority of the year, but had a small falling out after Halloween, as August had overheard Jack say something vicious about him. Julian- Julian was one of the three students who were asked to guide August through the tour of Beecher Prep. Julian immediately had hatred for August and targeted him throughout the school year, as he left hurtful notes in his
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