Character Analysis Of Aunt Alexandra In To Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

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The Expectations of Maycomb County Aunt Alexandra a lady, who values the Finch name, wants her niece to see the Finch name that same way she does. In to Kill Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Scout dislikes Aunt Alexandra who tries to make Scout more ladylike which results in Scout following the social expectations of Maycomb County. Atticus ask for Aunt Alexandra to come over to his house. Aunt Alexandra agrees and starts to influence Jem and Scout, but mainly Scout. Scout hates that she does this, but ends up being influenced by her. Scout matures in a way and starts to follow the social expectations of being a lady in Maycomb County. Atticus a loving and caring father, tells his children about Aunt Alexandra’s visit to the Finch household. He explains to them about how they are Finches and are different from other…show more content…
Aunt Alexandra wants Calpurnia to leave because she thinks she is a bad influence on Scout and is ruining her plan of making Scout more ladylike. “Atticus, it’s all right to be soft-hearted, you’re an easy man, but you have a daughter to think of. A daughter who’s growing up.” (Page 182) Aunt Alexandra in this quote is describing how Atticus is too nice to Calpurnia and is valuing her needs over scout. Atticus and Aunt Alexandra continue the heated the debate as Scout listens over, but finally Atticus makes the final decision of allowing Calpurnia to stay. This section shows the Aunt Alexandra is a racist because she thinks black women are a bad influence to her niece. However Scout thinks of Calpurnia as a good role model, but hearing the conversation between Atticus and Aunt Alexandra make her view the world differently. She learns about the prejudice and racism against black people in the world. Even though Aunt Alexandra didn’t achieve her plan of making Scout into a lady, Scout still matured from Aunt Alexandra’s conversation with
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