Character Analysis Of Aunt Alexandra In 'To Kill A Mockingbird'

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Some people can just be impossible to argue with. Agree with them and they are fine people, otherwise, they are some of the most annoying people ever found. In Harper Lee’s novel To Kill a Mockingbird Aunt Alexandra is one of those people. She is the aunt of the main character, the tomboyish girl named Scout Finch. They never agree, Aunt Alexandra stubbornly bosses Scout on her tomboyish ways and confidently speaks about how she needs to be more lady-like. Aunt Alexandra exhibits stubbornness, a bossy attitude and self-confidence. As soon as Aunt Alexandra is introduced to the book, the reader can pick up on Scout’s dislike of her, largely in part due to Aunt Alexandra’s stubbornness. She is stubborn on many points among the Finch family, choosing one side and never moving from it. An example of this comes when Aunt Alexandra points out a hereditary trait of Miss Stephanie Crawford, “Atticus said, ‘Sister, when you stop to think about it, our generation’s practically the first in the Finch family not to marry its cousins. Would you say the Finches have an Incestuous Streak’…show more content…
The books says that “When Aunt Alexandra went to school, self-doubt could not be found in any textbook, so she knew not its meaning (172).” This exemplifies that she does not second guess herself. Aunt Alexandra is also described as being born in the objective case meaning that she would argue with anyone about anything, ignoring how others thought of her. When Scout asks if she could visit the house of Calpurnia their black hired servant on Sunday, Aunt Alexandra without consulting Atticus, her host, brother, and Scout’s father, immediately and forcefully denied the request. She immediately states how she thinks the matter should be handled, confidently believing that it was the only option. Aunt Alexandra glows with confidence, never doubting
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