Character Analysis Of Beneatha Younger In Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin In The Sun

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Have you ever wanted to accomplish something that nobody else thought you could be? In “A Raisin In the Sun” Beneatha Younger, a young black woman, living with her older brother’s family in an apartment too small in a racist 1950s town. Everyone in the family treats her as the little sister even though Beneatha’s in her twenties. Defiant, determined, and ambitious, Beneatha Younger is a young woman who as her heart set on becoming a doctor and finding her place in life. Beneatha Younger lives with the Younger family in an apartment too small for them. Beneatha’s older brother Walter, wants to open a liquor store and make something of himself. Beneatha and Walter’s mom, Lena, she received an insurance check in the mail and wants to buy a house with the money. Walter, married to Ruth, a strong, independent woman, who finds out that she is pregnant and does not know what to do about it.…show more content…
Beneatha wants to become doctor, and she does not give up on her dream, even though the world around her does not think that a black woman can practice medicine. Despite the Younger family’s financial state, Beneatha’s taken multiply different lessons including guitar and horseback riding lessons. After, Beneatha talks with Asagai she starts listening to tribal music and starts dancing around the apartment with a drunk Walter. Beneatha’s not the most important character in the play, the play could go on without her, she causes problems with the family. She fights with Walter at the beginning of the play about her schooling and that fight turns into an argument about the cost of school. Then that develops into the family arguing about what to do with the insurance check money. Beneatha also has another role in the play, she breaks the stereotype for women. She wants to become a doctor in a world that thinks women should stay home and clean, cook and take care of the
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